Finding the Purpose of Purpose & What to Do With Expectations with Elizabeth Martinez

This week, Gravity is guest hosted by Yohannan Terrell, CEO at Warhol & WALL ST. and Director of the Columbus Fashion Initiative, where he’s working to modernize and democratize Columbus’ massive fashion industry. It’s the city in the US with the third largest number of working designers, yet it’s never spoken of in the same breath as New York or Los Angeles. Yohannan is on a mission to change that.

He’s also an incredible thinker and inquisitive conversationalist. But wait, there’s more! This special episode brings two amazing guests for the price of one because, joining Yohannan for this discussion of life and legacy is the President and CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Ohio, Elizabeth Martinez.

Elizabeth was born premature and given only 24 hours to live. She believes that early ability to defy the odds has set the tone for her purpose and identity throughout her life. 

Born in Puerto Rico, her family moved with her to The East Coast. She’s since developed an inspiring career, recently launching the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America’s Hispanic Mentoring Initiative, which has evolved into the model now used by agencies throughout the country. 

This episode gets into what makes a person, be it an urge to live up to expectations or a desire to shatter them. Yohannan and Elizabeth discuss the ways our life experiences culminate when we find the right outlet for ourselves, professionally and emotionally. 

Most importantly – this is still Gravity after all – they discuss the meaning of purpose and what it looks like to move humanity forward with intentionality. It’s an inspiring conversation on both fronts. You’re going to love hearing Yohannan’s take on the questions we normally put forward in Gravity. 

What Yohannan asks:

  • [04:00] Tell us a little about you and your beginnings.
  • [09:27] How did growing up in Puerto Rico affect you?  
  • [13:40] How did your experiences bring you to your current role in life?
  • [17:50] What are some impact moments you’ve had in life?
  • [28:40] How does the online world create a challenge for the next generation?
  • [44:50] How much of a role does purpose play in your life?

Lessons for intentional living:

  • Elizabeth’s story about being born prematurely (she was given a prognosis of 24 hours to live, but she’s still here) is so inspiring. She’s literally been beating expectations since birth, and she sees no reason to stop now. It’s one thing to want to live up to the expectations people have for us, but it’s something else entirely to want to push past and surpass them.
  • Elizabeth calls purpose her anchor. Having meaning in life is an amazing way to ground ourselves, give us direction, and make sure we don’t get lost on our journey.