Transforming Insurance with Wellness, with Alex Frommeyer

Alex Frommeyer, known by many as Fro, is the Co-Founder and CEO of Beam Dental, a digital-first provider of dental insurance for businesses in over 40 states. Fro started Beam Dental with Alex Curry and Dan Dykes in 2012, applying their collective passion for solving problems to the fragmented and painfully analog dental industry. With multiple dental professionals in both his immediate and extended family, Fro used real life feedback and insight to guide Beam from an apartment in Louisville, Kentucky, to over 200 employees and 5,000 clients. Fro is a Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree and EY Entrepreneur of the Year finalist.

What Brett asks:

  • [02:43] Let’s start at the beginning.
  • [05:18] Do you think you were born creative or was it a product of your environment?
  • [16:42] How did your parents impart the value of things and how did you carry that into adulthood?
  • [19:56] What led you to engineering school?
  • [30:44] How did you develop the ambition to make an impact?
  • [42:02] How did Beam form?
  • [01:01:07] How did you get comfortable with doing things differently?


Lessons for intentional living:

  • Cultivate a sense of curiosity and creativity. Alex had to rely on his own devices to entertain himself as a kid which led to a heightened imagination that carried with him to adulthood. That creativity, and the ability to shift between analytical and creative thinking, can be a superpower.
  • Learning to delay gratification is incredibly important. What you think you want today may change in a week, or a month, or a year. If you can make sure that it’s what you really want before you go all in, you can save a lot of hassle in the long run. This goes beyond simply saving money; it requires us to think critically about the purchases we make, the things that we bring into our lives, and decide whether they are adding value or if they are just a false expectation.