Meet Brett

At the Intersection of Personal Transformation and Leadership

Brett Kaufman is a speaker, writer, coach and advisor to founders and startups. Driven by the bigger questions in life, Brett is dedicated to personal transformational work that allows us to live with more mental and physical freedom. He is interested in how we relate to our traumas, both big and small. The experiences in life need to be moved and integrated, Brett believes, and an acceptance of life and its terms needs to occur in order to experience flow and the manifestation of our own life’s purpose. How do we learn to surrender, let go and just be with life for what it is and all that is.

Ultimately, his work aims to reduce the suffering of others by advancing the conversation on personal transformation techniques and tools, and providing access to these practices to a wider population.

Brett has spoken at The Assemblage, Google’s Startup Grind, and other networking groups and conferences across the country. Currently, he is working on his first book.

Brett is also the founder and CEO of Kaufman Development, creator of Gravity, and co-creator of a new investment platform dedicated to elevating companies who are dedicated to benefiting humanity.

“Brett is a visionary entrepreneur and a great partner to build with. He encourages bold action, draws from experience to give relevant advice and is a great person to have in your corner when navigating the tough decisions.”

—Calvin Cooper, CEO, Rhove Inc.

Brands & Businesses

Brett Kaufman is interested in supporting brands and businesses that elevate the human experience and make humanity better. Brett and his partners invests in new therapy modalities, wellness companies, and socially just ventures, as well as individuals and projects that are advancing the dialogue on human consciousness.

Kaufman Development


Accolades and Associations

Brett Kaufman has won several awards for his work as a developer and business leader.


For speaking engagements, or if you’d like to have Brett as a guest on your podcast, please send us an email to start a conversation.